LMC products are indispensable machine elements in industrial areas as they provide speed, smoothness and cleanliness in pipe assemblies.

Construction Machinery

LMC hydraulic pipe clamps play an important role in environmental noise reduction by absorbing vibrations that occur in construction machines.


LMC hydraulic pipe clamps are one of the most important accessories used in naval construction to ensure problem-free operation of long pipelines.


Railway Systems

LMC railway system clamps have been exclusively engineered according to the requirements of this market.


LMC hydraulic pipe clamps are used in energy industry’s critical projects to fix the high voltage cables safely.



With its reliability, durability and strong structure, LMC hydraulic pipe clamps are one of the most significant elements of the mining industry.

Oil and Gas

LMC hydraulic pipe clamps offer strong and long-lasting use for the oil and gas industry.



With the production of hydraulic pipe clamps, rail systems and specially designed parts, LMC responds to the needs and requirements of the defense industry with reliable products used in military vehicles.
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