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Rail Clamps

LMC manufactures the Special Type Clamping solutions for the Railway Vehicles.

  • Railway Pipe Clamps, or cleats, can be manufactured per DIN 3015 for Standard, Heavy and Twin Series, or as custom-designed  per Customer Requirements. 


  • LMC has so far manufactured more than 300 different types of Railway Clamps which are used to connect Air Brake Piping System at the Railway Vehicles such as LRV (Light Rail Vehicles), Subways, Trams, Passenger Trains, etc. LMC Air Pipe connectors connect the  Air Piping System to the vehicle body by our customers and then the whole assembly is applied to Pressure and Leak Tests.


  • LMC Railway Clamps are manufactured to specific customers' technical requirements and meets all the criteria of Technical Specifications of the related project.


  • LMC manufactures the Cable Clamps  which carries the whole cable system of Railway Vehicles. Metal components can be manufactured as Stainless Steel 304 or 316 depending on the operating environment.


  • All Railway Clamps are  produced from special Flame Retardant materials and these components are suitable per Railway Standards such as UL-94 and EN45545.


  • Railway clamps save Vehicles' Pipe / Hose / Cable systems from the effects of sudden vibrations and shocks, so they play an important role at the operation of the vehicles.
Rail Clamps

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